School Readiness Program Calender

  • Children transitioning and settling-in
  • Getting to know you
  • Understanding the strengths
  • Abilities and interest areas of all children
  • Preparing Name (first and last name) Recognition Cards



Pre-Reading Skills

  • Listening skills activities
  • Thinking skills activities
  • Same or different activities
  • Matching activities



Pre-Writing Skills

  • Developing children?s fine motor skills
  • Develop correct Pencil grip
  • Develop pencil Control
  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Number
  • Name Recognition
  • Recognise their name
  • Trace their name.
  • Copy their first name.
  • Write from memory their first name.




  • Recognise own name ? (practiced daily)
  • Write own name ? (practiced daily)




  • Learning the sound of each letter of the Alphabet.
  • Learning the name of each letter of the Alphabet.
  • Learning to trace and write each letter of the Alphabet.
  • Identify objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet.




  • Writing the numbers from 1 to 10
  • Revision: Colours, shapes and numbers



Special Notes

A new letter will be introduced once a week or fortnight. Children will revise letters taught every few weeks.



Kindi Stars 3 years - 4 years

Our kindergarten group is preparing children for their future at school.


Children are given an extensive variety of mathematical concepts, physical challenges, personal choices and group projects. Literacy, numeracy, the environment, diversity and self and social concepts are part of the daily Curriculum implemented at the centre.


Our Early Years Learning Framework provides opportunities for all children to explore their world around them. Children are provided with choices where they can direct their own learning and interests. Families are encouraged to provide input towards their child's learning and development through effective communication techniques with staff members, staff use this information to provide a consistency between home and care.


Children are given opportunities to work individually as well as in a group situation; valuable friendships are developed during this time to carry children through to assist in positive relationships.


Shining Stars 2 years - 3 years

Our toddler room provides a warm and caring environment to extend on trust and well ? being for the 2 ? 3 year old group. Staff focuses on relationships, language, independence and negotiation techniques. Children are encouraged to make positive choices & build relationships with peers and carers. The toddler room is an environment where children can feel supported while providing opportunities for children to explore through play. The Early years Learning Framework is the base of our curriculum where children are in control of their own learning. Family input is essential in building the foundations of development.


Click here to view the Early Years Learning Framework




Dear Families,

Welcome to Star Kingdom’s new online program for your children, enabling you to see their portfolios and learning programs.

Star Kingdom understands that you are very busy with your families and work, so we want you to be involved with the activities of your children and see their creations and learning on day to day basis.  We want parents and educators to build relationships so that together we may both understand your child’s needs and give them the best possible outcome in these very important early learning years.

From 2019 forwards we are using the Kindyhub (Learning Involving Families and Teachers) program. 

We look forward to your involvement and interaction throughout the coming years.

Kind Regards,






Anna Stylos


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Physical Activities



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