My name is Laura Makowski, my husband and I are local business owners of Dougmal Real Estate. When we had our first child and I had to go back to work, it was our employees that recommended we take our daughter to a local child care children which was run by Anna. It was evident when we met Anna that she wasnt just a manager, she loved her job, the people that she worked with and more importantly the children that came to the centre.   When our daughter attended the child care centre, Anna went above and beyond what i believe most people would to make us as the parents and our daughter feel comfortable.



I have had the pleasure of knowing Anna Stylos for approximately 4 ½ years during which time both my Granddaughter and Grandson have attended Preschool?s that Anna has been in charge of.


Firstly when Anna was the Director of a Pre School & Long Day Care Centre and now at her own Pre School & Long Day Care Centre , Star Kingdom.


Anna is a fantastic , caring and positive person who passes this on to the Children in her care, she is also  like this with  her staff, who in turn then  also pass it onto the Children.


My Grandchildren were in care at other facilities, when we heard that Anna had moved back into the area and had opened Star Kingdom ? my Daughter immediately went to see Anna and enrolled them at Star Kingdom as we felt so comfortable knowing they were in Anna?s safe & capable hands.


Both the Long Day Care Facility and the Before and After School Care facilities which my Grandchildren attend are excellent.


I would certainly recommend Star Kingdom (and Anna) to all Parents (& Grandparents) and Caregivers looking for a safe, reliable, educational & happy environment for their child or children.



As Jared's Father, I'm really happy to see him having fun at school. always stimulated and loved by the staff. I always have a meaningful talk with Jared at home which indicates a good progress in verbal communication for his age.


I recently noticed Jared playing pretend at home which to me indicates creativity being stimulated. I believe that Jared's experience at home compliments together with his experience at school too.


Whatever lessons the school is giving Jared, please continue. I am happy with Jared's progress as it shows in his actions.


Thank you.



I have known Anna Stylos since my daughter started preschool at the Preschool she was the Director at 4 and a half years ago.


My son also attended there from the age of 2 months old.


Anna is a very caring and conscientious person and we were really sad when we left the other preschool due to change in circumstances.


However, once I heard that Anna had opened her own preschool I immediately contacted Anna, and enrolled both my children at Star Kingdom with her.


My son, who has been diagnosed with Epilepsy, attends Long Day Care and although i do not like to leave him - I have to and feel confident leaving him at Star Kingdom. I know that Anna and her staff will look after him well and should he have a fit I am confident they will care for him with the utmost care and attention and love. My son loves going there and loves Miss Anna and her carefully picked staff.


My daughter also attends Star Kingdom, before and after school care and enjoys it there and loves Miss Anna and her staff.


I have absolutely no hesitating in recommending Star Kingdom as THE Pre-school to bring your child or children to.